Long-term car rental in Batumi Georgia

Car rental in Batumi for long periods

In Batumi, visitors and tourists can not easily do without a car. The company car24.ge offers the best car rental for long term in Batumi. You can rent a car for a month, several months or a year. The fleet includes cars of different classes from the world’s leading concerns — Nissan, Renault, Subaru, Mitsubishi.


How to rent a car for a long time in Batumi

To enter into a contract with a rental company, you need to choose the brand and model, type of checkpoint, determine the dates, and fill out a special form on the site. After processing the request, the Manager will contact you to discuss the details.

You can contact a representative of the car rental company yourself. Customers can access almost all existing communication methods – Viber, WhatsApp, phone, telegram. As a result, the Manager will prepare a long-term car rental agreement for You. It is signed when the machine is transferred. When you receive the car, payment is made. Important — without blocking money on the card! The customer can arrange the delivery of a vehicle to the airport absolutely free of charge. He will have to make a Deposit of only $100-200 to pay for damages for non-insured events (for example, damaged the interior of the car). These funds will be returned in full if there is no damage immediately upon returning the car.


Advantages of long-term car rental in Batumi

Today, long-term car rental in Batumi is very popular among both private and legal entities. The service is more profitable than car sharing for those who come to the city for a long time and constantly use a car. The company does not impose restrictions on mileage. Monthly contract with Саг24.gе it is cheaper than, for example, agreements with other companies for 15 days. You can make sure of this by simple calculations.

Financial benefit is not the only advantage of long-term car rental in Batumi. All vehicles in the fleet are fully insured. In case of an accident and other insurance cases, the customer will not have to bear losses. The damage will be covered by insurance.

Owners of personal cars know how vigilant, attentive and scrupulous you need to be in relation to scheduled maintenance. When renting a car, the entire responsibility for the maintenance of the car is assumed by the rental company. Our specialists will provide an accurate schedule, determine the optimal intervals for a specific model, through which the customer will need to bring the vehicle for maintenance.

It is noteworthy that the costs for maintenance, replacement of technical fluids, consumables, tires, repair of the car systems are also borne by the rental company. Thanks to this, You can really save an impressive amount.

Even timely maintenance does not protect one hundred percent from breakdowns. In non-standard situations, users of the service will promptly receive a replacement car.

Long-term car rental in Batumi Georgia
rent a car for a long time in Batumi Georgia

Long-term car rental in Batumi — additional conditions and opportunities

To make the cooperation as profitable as possible, the service Саг24.gе opens up additional opportunities for clients. The company removes the obligation to wash and clean the car after the end of the lease agreement.

Together with the monthly rental of a vehicle, you can order a child seat. It is paid separately. It also provides discounts if a contract is concluded for a long period.

Order a long-term car rental in Batumi (more than 28 days):

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    Who and when is it profitable to rent a car for a long time in Batumi

    Most often, cars are rented for a month or longer by tourists, including families who want to see all the sights of Batumi and the surrounding area. In the company’s fleet, you can choose a powerful and durable SUV for comfortable and safe trips in the mountains, or a light compact sedan, as well as a roomy minivan for a large group of tourists.

    Companies rent cars for a long period of time for employees, before upcoming business trips, business meetings, negotiations. Various exhibitions, seminars, and briefings are often held in Batumi, where specialists from different countries come together. They have an excellent opportunity to combine working moments with travel and trips. It is among legal entities that minibuses and minivans are very popular.


    Profitable car rental for a long time with a reliable company is available to everyone. Customers are guaranteed to get clean, neat, fully serviceable cars. Cooperation is formalized officially by a bilateral written agreement. The terms of the agreement are simple, transparent, and have no hidden fees. Jeeps, sedans, SUVs, crossovers, minivans and minibuses can be delivered directly to your address free of charge.

    Car rental in Batumi for long periods

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